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System Requirements

To use the HP Embedded Web Server, you must have the following:

    a TCP/IP-based network
    a web browser installed on your computer, preferably either Netscape Navigator 4.7X or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0X and above


The embedded web server can be accessed from any operating system that supports the TCP/IP protocol and a web browser. The embedded web server does not support IPX-based network printer connections and cannot be accessed with a parallel cable. You cannot view the embedded web server pages from outside a firewall.

Viewing the HP Embedded Web Server

1. Launch your web browser.

2. In the Address: or Go to: field, type the IP address assigned to the printer (for example: or the host name (for example: http://myprinter.com).

browser image

If you do not know the IP address for the printer, it is listed on the printer configuration page under Protocol Information in the TCP/IP section.

To print a configuration page:

a. On the printer control panel, press Menu until INFORMATION MENU displays.

b. Press Item until PRINT CONFIGURATION displays.

c. Press Select to print the configuration page. After the process is completed, the printer will return to the READY state.



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